Fitbit back on after six months

It is well over six months since I last had my Fitbit Versa3 on my wrist. In the first week, since I started wearing it again, I found that I was walking quite far each day. I am not particularly challenging myself this time, but simply using it to record what I do. Day № of steps Sunday 27 March 2022 8,265 Monday 28 March 2022 10,786 Tuesday 29 March 2022 5,167 Wednesday 30 March 2022 11,027 Thursday 31 March 2022 8,572 Friday 1 April 2022 7,989 Saturday 2 April 2022 25,070 TOTAL 76,876 Average per day 10,982 It will … Continue reading Fitbit back on after six months

First cycle of the year: 9.2 km, 39 min

This afternoon I went out for a short cycle to the south of Portarlington. I have not been on my bicycle since the end of last year. I had minor surgery at the beginning of 2021 and only now have felt that it would be safe to go out on the bike. Having been out for a number of walks to the south of the town, I went further south almost towards Emo. However, cognisant as I am of the 5 km limit for exercise due to the Covid-19 restrictions, I turned round on the road and returned to Portarlington. … Continue reading First cycle of the year: 9.2 km, 39 min

Concentrating on walking since January

I’ve not been away. I’ve just had quite a lot going on. I’ve been studying on a Software Development course as well as recovering from minor surgery back in January. All of which has meant that I have neither been out running nor on my bicycle! However, lots of walking has been done. Today, I went out for a walk with Andrew, and last Sunday we did similar. About an hour and a half on each day. This week, I am aiming to get out on my bicycle at least twice in the week. Continue reading Concentrating on walking since January

Bicycle adding to fitness possibilities

At the end of September, I acquired a new bicycle from Halfords. Since then, I have been getting used to cycling once again. I’ve found that there is a reasonable route round the triangle of Canal Road, Station Road and Bracklone Street in Portarlington. Twice round is about 5 kilometres. I’m also raising money for the Royal British Legion by undertaking a Poppy Run — albeit it in my case it is more like a Poppy Cycle. If you would like to donate, please do so here. You may also be interested in following me on Strava. Follow me on Continue reading Bicycle adding to fitness possibilities