Even as much as 12 km/hr

Well I was at the gym yesterday. I went with my husband, Andrew, and ran on the treadmill alongside him. He is much fitter than me, but I did manage to get up to a speed of 12 for a couple of minutes. But then was happier running at a speed of about 8.

Hope to make it back there again later in the week.


First session done

So it is done. I have been to the gym and done more exercise than for a long time.

The warm up stretches were completely impossible. My knees and hips would not take those proposed. So we started with a brisk walk on the treadmill for ten minutes.

Followed by two exercises for core. Crunches and Russian twists. We tried to do sit ups but I simply could not even manage one.

Then back to the treadmill up an incline at a brisk walk.

Then back to core exercises.

Then back to final ten minutes on the treadmll. Steeper incline this time.

So it is done. It surely can only get easier.

One thing I have learnt is that I do not really know how to run on a treadmill. Do not feel steady at all. Hopefully this skill will be learnt.

Induction and assessment

Every time you join a new gym, there is always an induction and assessment to go through. This morning Andrew and I had that experience with the lovely Aoife in Portarlington.

Now my medical history makes for interesting differences to what can be done. Even in the assessment. No, I can’t bear weight on my left arm. So, no I can’t do push ups. Still it was fun watching Andrew do 25 of them before stopping.

With the AV fistula in my left arm, I will be concentrating on cardiovascular fitness. That is what I will need as I work up to transplant readiness.

My right hand grip was 32 and left 22.

Blood pressure was 130/88 which is ok. I wasn’t surprised at this because my blood pressure is measured every time I am on dialysis.

My weight was 83kg. So, I know later on the dialysis machine will be taking about a litre of fluid off me.

Tomorrow I am back to the gym for my first actual session. Will report back in how that went.

Best intentions start again

Once again, it is some time since I was last in a gym. But, since I last went, I have had quite a challenging year. At Christmas, I had my diagnosis of kidney failure, and since then I’ve been playing catch up to get back up to anywhere near normal fitness. Three days a week I am on dialysis and as I am in the work-up towards transplant, I have to work on my overall fitness. There is no point in being well enough to get a new kidney but not being fit enough for the doctors and surgeons to approve it.

So, this morning, along with my husband, I signed up for membership of the local leisure centre. Tomorrow is due to be my first actual attendance in the gym – so watch out for an update on how I got on.

Gym session 1.

Ok, so my last post was full of good intentions. But good intentions do not a gym routine make. After a few failed attempts, this morning I made it to the gym.

Twenty minutes on the treadmill followed by a few exercises with weights a. I feel like I good eat a horse – not an actual horse obviously – but a lot of food. So, I am off to do just that before heading into work.

Five years on… here we go again

So, it seems like it is about five years ago that I last went to any gym. So much has changed in those five years and so much has stayed the same.

Last week, I took the bull by the horns and signed up to a rolling membership of the local Markievicz leisure centre run by Dublin City Council. I’m a strong believer in local government providing services for local people so that’s why I have joined this particular centre. It also helps that it is named for the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons.

Yesterday morning, I had my introduction to the gym. Seven minutes on the treadmill at three miles per hour were followed by a number of short bursts of exercises to show me what to do in the plan devised for me.

There is a suggestion of going to a “Spin” class as well. So we shall see if I make it on 14 February.

I plan to keep an diary on here of what I achieve.

A new year… time to head back to the gym

Fitness First logoRight, so I haven’t been to the gym for ages. Months even. But I’m booked in with the lovely Gordy next week for a session on Wednesday at 2pm. Hopefully he and I will be able to shake off some of the excess blubber that has appeared since last I was there. Certainly, I need to move some of it from off my waist and tummy elsewhere.

Although it was not in the gym, today I have been moving and sorting stuff both in the bedroom and the study. I’m thoroughly tired out, but that might also have something to do with the anti-depressant Vensir that I am taking in accordance with the prescription handed to me by my GP.

Don’t know what we are going to have for tea this evening, I suspect that I may be on bacon and eggs again… not fried tonight I hope, however tasty that is. Andrew seems to have a Pukka Pie in the refrigerator so he will be okay, mashed potato may well be required to be bought from our local supermarket, the walk to which will have me going past the gym… oh dear!