Five years on… here we go again

So, it seems like it is about five years ago that I last went to any gym. So much has changed in those five years and so much has stayed the same. Last week, I took the bull by the horns and signed up to a rolling membership of the local Markievicz leisure centre run by Dublin City Council. I’m a strong believer in local government providing services for local people so that’s why I have joined this particular centre. It also helps that it is named for the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons. Yesterday … Continue reading Five years on… here we go again

A new year… time to head back to the gym

Right, so I haven’t been to the gym for ages. Months even. But I’m booked in with the lovely Gordy next week for a session on Wednesday at 2pm. Hopefully he and I will be able to shake off some of the excess blubber that has appeared since last I was there. Certainly, I need to move some of it from off my waist and tummy elsewhere. Although it was not in the gym, today I have been moving and sorting stuff both in the bedroom and the study. I’m thoroughly tired out, but that might also have something to … Continue reading A new year… time to head back to the gym